Urushi Nation Joboji

Urushi Nation Joboji

Urushi once attracted the world

During the Age of Discovery, people from Europe encountered the Asian Lacquerware with a glowing black base decorated with bright gold and mother-of-pearl sparkles.

Beyond the time, Japanese elegance

Urushi has always been found alongside Japanese culture, ever since the people of Jomon tapped the lacquer from its trees.
In the fierce battlefield or at sumptuous banquets as well as many other locations.
Urushi still thrives in the daily lives of the Japanese.

Joboji Urushi Land

From long ago, they have painted and tapped the bark of Urushi
That is Joboji, Ninohe City of the Iwate Prefecture

Lacquerware is perfect for babies!

Let them use first lacqurware.

Children love to put everything in their mouth, from their hands to their toys.
Anything that touches their skin, or goes into their mouth should be made safe.
The texture is moist, so it will not slip.
It will not shatter even when thrown. Can be repaired when broken.
The Japanese tradition of genuine lacquerware is good in raising children.

City Brand Promotion in NY

Distributing Ninohe Brand

The project named “Distributing Ninohe Brand” aims for the activation of the regional industry,
with the cooperation of the government (Ninohe City) and private companies, based in New York, the center of fashion,
distributes the “Ninohe Brand” overseas and also imports it back to Japan,we aim to attract customers domestically and internationally.