Let babies use first lacquerware

Raise a child who can recognize the real deal

In many houses, plastic tableware is used while a child is little so as not to have dangerous accidents such as throwing, dropping, or biting. Conversely, we hope a child will use decent tableware since it is a baby. Lacquerware made of Japanese wood and Joboji urushi is safe that you do not have to worry about its chemicals. Urushiol, an ingredient of lacquer, is highly antibacterial and it leads resistant Staphylococcus, o-157, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus to die in 6 hours. The coating surface is fascinating due to the soft touch of lips and a moist feel to stick to the skin. Keep in mind it also does not slide easily. It can be lifted without worry because it is hard to transfer heat. It is hard to break when dropped or thrown.

Though some young mothers worry about a skin rash of lacquer, however, it hardly occurs with lacquerware whose lacquer is firmly hardened.

This is Kobukura for drinking sake. It isn’t bad for a child to use this instead of soup bowl and later for drinking after he or she has grown up.

The usage is unrestricted, and natural things are better for things put into the mouth such as chopsticks. We have spoons for children. Chopsticks, bowls, and spoons are popular as gifts. One piece is pleased as well as a set.

Not makers, but users finish the beauty of Joboji urushi lacquerware

Joboji urushi is not polished to be shined at the last step on purpose. At first, you can enjoy the texture of lacquer and anticipate for its shimmer after everyday usage. The seventy percent of lacquer work is done by the craftsman and while the remaining thirty is the glow from long usage. The left bowl of the photo is used for five years.


Since Joboji urushi is simple and has no foil or decoration, it is suitable for anyone regardless of age and gender. Lacquerware can be repaired when it is scratched or come off. So you can use it along with your life as a daily tool without hesitation. Rather, putting it away is the worst. Using it gives it proper moisture. Long-term lacquerware would be unique and attachment.